The EmzGemzz Blog!!! TaDa!!!

So I'm playing with shopify, seeing how it works. I started out using their Lite plan that is $9 a month and gives you access to a Buy Now button that you can put up on any site. It is super amazingly easy to use. I really loved it. I haven't sold much yet, but I'm just starting and was trying to get my mojo going.

I love the idea of having an online store! I've always wanted one but felt it was just too expensive for me to get it up and going. I had tried out dropshipping over 10 years ago and sold only a few little things on ebay. So that experience kind of soured me to actually doing any serious buisness with online sales and dropshipping.

But since then I've found a new type of dropshipping that inspires me more. They call it P.O.D. (Print on Demand). So I could design functional art and be able to share and put my designs on t shirts, leggings, baby onesies, shoes, back packs, mugs,hats, jewelry, all sorts of things. This makes me happy because I can work with someone that already specializes in making and printing that stuff, and they will ship it and print it and we share the profits. 

Though I did want to buy a t shirt press and all that other equipment, and learn how to use it...I probably don't really have the time. But anyhow, this is all a bit of a detour from what I'm supposed to really be creating right now, first and foremost: music.

But the music and the art feel like they go together. They do, but I have to keep reminding myself...make that music! I have been. I'm just bad at sharing it right now.

Maybe I could hire my sons to help me? I thought of that just tonight as I was taking a shower. Maybe they could put my music up on Youtube for me with some simple video editing? I should show them how to list a song up for sale for me on shopify. Hmmm...

Anywho, I'm trying out the blog function of shopify. Trying to see how it looks on the site, and all that. I mean, if this is super easy and smooth, I might not have to mess with all the website stuff that goes along with Wordpress, as much as I have grown to love that platform. So here's to the future! The Best is Yet to Come my Dears! Love, -Em